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Public broadcasting and background music system solutions
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Broadcast sound design objects of public broadcasting in public places, in the corridor, elevator lobby, entrance hall, a setting for public area, exhibition hall etc speaker, usually play background music (to be automatic back to a belt loop), alert occurs, emergency broadcasting system with functions of rob line is preferred.

Based on the characteristics of the convention and exhibition center, we made the following consider when configuration broadcasting system:

Each part:

Audio source configuration should meet the basic requirements that should be composed of circulating high sound booth, CD player, by the management control program selector to choose a road public area of the two way audio playback.

Put your card on double loop sound booth can choose ordinary belt and metal belt, with dolby noise reduction, double card infinite loop playback, blank tape skip, automatic gain control, fault indicator tapes, and other functions, and can be an external timing control device. CD player for disc player (6 + 1 disc) is dedicated to the background music for a long period of time and pored over.

The front-end mixing amplifier:

Power amplification part adopts the Dutch PHILIPS designed power amplifier. Such amplifier has a high reliability, wide band, small distortion and a series of characteristics, and able to work at full capacity in 24 hours. The power amplifier can be in ac 220 v and dc 24 v work under two kinds of power-supply modes.

With the part:

Playback part adopts wall-mounted speakers and speakers, suction a top areas with ceiling adopts top speakers, speaker is rice white, suction a top front mask for the metal plate net, match with environment can have a good listening, visual effects, for showroom area free of condole top, using wall-mounted speakers. Selection of equipment and system characteristics

Equipment selection:

This system adopts the Dutch PHILIPS radio system, PHILIPS product is designed for convention and exhibition center, business buildings, hotels, halls and other public facilities. Each composition unit of the system as well as various installation adopts modular structure, module height into the system in accordance with the relevant provisions of IEC - 297. Due to the modular structure, the system can be flexibly according to request of the owners are combined, extension and use more convenient.

Background music system features:

A, source of sound

Sound source by cycle sound booth, CD player, radio module, etc. This equipment is mainly used to provide background music to the public areas. Put your card on double loop sound booth can choose ordinary tape and metal tape, with dolby noise reduction, two CARDS with the infinite loop, blank tape skip, automatic gain control, fault indicator tapes, and can be an external timer. CD player can be used to play background music for a long time. Radio module can receive frequency modulation, amplitude modulation signal. Microphone is mainly used for temporary or emergency notice items.

Part b, preamplifier

PHILIPSLBB12230/10 pre mixing amplifier can handle from a different source of audio signal, such as microphone, tape recorder, radio tuner, CD player, etc. Audio signal can be mixed or allocate broadcast priority as required. Amplifier with 5 separate input channels, each channel can be primary input microphone or line input. Microphone input channel is equipped with a phantom power supply. Each channel have a language filter, attenuation bass ingredients, increase the voice clarity. 1 and 2 channels can be chosen as the preferred microphone, as well as LED display panel configuration status, information can be in the 2 channel priority introduced by two or four kinds of sound. Back more sets per channel 5 core DIN used as input pin and RCA plug. In addition, behind the amplifier and a balanced input of emergency.

Plus 1 road mix output channel. Input can be a microphone (every road has a phantom power supply), or it can be all kinds of audio source line input. Is on the front panel is equipped with various channels, respectively, to control the volume, high bass knob and a main mixed volume control knob. LEDVU table visually indicating input level (db) - 20-6 and 0. The amplifier power 220 v or 24 v dc electric power supply (with reverse polarity protection). Always take a 2 m power cord, terminal 2 core plug, plug with ground contact. Still take a CEE power plug.

Power amplifier parts:

Power amplification part adopts the special-purpose PHILIPSLBB2403/50 epas system power amplifier. This kind of amplifier has high reliability, can guarantee the system work continuously 24 hours a day. Power amplifier output power is 400 w, and the power amplifier can be in ac 220 v and 24 v dc two power supply modes, guarantee the normal work.

With the part:

With the part of the system adopts the speakers and a wall-mounted speakers. The speaker for this white suction a top, a former mask for lp plate mesh. The speaker suction a top appearance generous, wide band, small distortion, cooperate with ceiling and environment can have a better auditory and visual effect. Hanging speaker is mainly used for underground and no ceiling.

Emergency broadcast system:

A, the function and characteristics: 1), conform to the technical standard of emergency with radio equipment

Due to fire accident with a sudden, there is a need for emergency broadcast system can rapidly accurately for channel broadcasting, its emergency broadcast equipment is designed in strict accordance with the technical standards, is in conformity with the technical standards adopted by the parts.

Using the voice alarm:

(linkage) and fire alarm system automatically or manually, can by the DVAS sound alarm, its melody sound and voice sound alarm is made of three phases (fire alarm linkage radio, fire radio, fire radio) automatically broadcast.

Feature set:

Part of the play background music at ordinary times in public. In case of an emergency, and its related areas to emergency broadcast and other public areas not affected by the background music. Fire condition, the system is completely in accordance with the fire code requirements for switching and partition of the radio.

Emergency broadcast priority function:

When the fire broke out, can in fire control room will fire evacuation speakers forced into the state of emergency broadcast.

Fire control room can show the floors, emergency broadcast and can realize automatic and manual broadcast in two ways.

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