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Campus broadcasting system
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Campus broadcasting system is applied more widely and a broadcasting system, the campus broadcast as a school, a kind of tool of information dissemination, has experienced decades of history, with the development of science and technology, from tube to the integrated circuit, from the phonograph to the CD, has experienced several revolutions, but its level of equipment technology and the grade is uneven, is basically constant voltage amplifier with terminal box or loudspeakers, work in the form of single channel audio signal transmission in actual use and there are many shortcomings in our work. With FM technology in recent years in the campus broadcast matures, its relative to traditional way of broadcasting has incomparable advantage, its function also constantly improving, has gradually replace the traditional way of broadcasting and has become one of the main implementation of the campus broadcast.

New campus broadcasting system can be of various peripherals (e.g., tape recorder, CD, MD, charge transfer and digital audio hard disk, etc.) for intelligent centralized management and control, according to the requirements of the school of program content, program length, edit, set aside time to be set in advance, PC computer can automatically manage the whole process of broadcasting on duty, according to the set of programs broadcast, ensure that the integrity of the program, accuracy, punctuality, thus eliminating the phenomenon of radio without interrupt. Conventional radio show for the school, such as broadcast gymnastics, songs, music ringing the bell can realize unattended broadcast, etc. System has very high reliability, low noise transmission network signal, the system in the network without the requirement of power and voltage match, single speaker failure does not affect the whole system, the machine without signal automatic shut down. Or receive signals to be have started to open automatically boot instruction after the speaker. Realize the unattended.

2. Hotel, hotel public broadcasting system

For a hotel, hotel public broadcasting system, guest room broadcast system is indispensable. Guest room usually want to set the multicast broadcast system signal for guests to choose to listen to, for star hotels, hotel rooms broadcast system, 2 sets of radio signals, less more than 4 sets of radio signals. Implement room broadcast way to roughly the following several kinds:

1, in the computer room, by a power amplifier amplification of a set of radio signals, multicore cables transmit multiple radio signals; In the end, the guest room bedstand control panel choose to listen to the radio.

2, in the room, will more than radio signals by many sets of radio frequency modulator hybrid amplifier, using a radio frequency cable to transmit signals; In the end, the guest room bedstand control panel with FM receiver choose to listen to the radio.

3, in the room, will more than radio signals by many sets of radio frequency modulator hybrid amplifier, incorporated into the cable channel, excess with cable TV cable to transmit signals; In the end, the guest by TV radio program.

4, in the room, will more than radio signals by mixing amplifier, rf modulator, and more than the default address code, using a radio frequency cable to transmit signals; In the end, the guest through the selection of guest room bedstand control panel with FM receiver address code listen to radio program.

3. The hospital public broadcasting system

Hospital is broadcast system has a lot of the audience and influence a lot of publicity, education and entertainment stage, how to effectively manage, and effective application is a need to solve the problem. Usually hospital level radio to have dedicated staff on duty management equipment and play work as well as to the outdoor line maintenance, than large workload, but also not convenient for unified management of the competent department.

Modern hospital radio on in the different regions within the network, in different time, may need different radio program requirements, the unity of the various radio program production and reasonable management, etc., have the needs of different layers. In different units, for example, room or bed different radio program (health care, common sense) and different individuals want to listen to, can according to need to playback controls, respectively.

4. The subway public broadcasting system

Metro broadcast system is a special subsystem, in metro communication system in metro transportation organization, passenger services, disaster prevention emergency, equipment maintenance plays an important role. At ordinary times in different areas of the subway station for ticket, ticket, stops, waiting, take a fall, outbound, transfer and other broadcast services expressions and the relevant matters needing attention, to provide various services, maintain the order, the effective channel to passengers, on the bus after the first, shorten train station stop time, to ensure that train, created the conditions, at the same time can provide other assignments for the station staff broadcasting; In the car depot such as subway station, tunnel interval workplaces for scheduling command, yard shunting, commissioning, equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenance, power supply and rail power, power equipment to provide safety tips and told radio services; When a big event, meeting, events, festival and so on caused by the subway passenger mutations, as an important means of implementing emergency passenger organizations, to ensure that large passenger flow operation organization provides the guarantee and passenger safety; When meet accident disasters and other emergencies, as the important tool of emergency guidance, command relief. For subway passenger, driving, disaster prevention, equipment maintenance and other departments to provide functional advanced operating tools, improve the quality of the metro passenger service and the ability to deal with emergencies.

5. Shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcasting system

In general, shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcasting system also should have the function of fire emergency broadcasting system. Under normal circumstances, the public broadcasting system in addition to play background music, background music broadcasting system functions such as broadcasting notice, in case of fire alarm, can realize the manual selection of the region for emergency broadcast.

Shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcasting system, the program usually set three: CD player, double cassette recording and broadcasting receiver. CD pause with multiple disc, CD player, advance into the many CDS, all can be loop in advance for the use of background music. Recording a choose double card, two CARDS can work cycle, play background music tapes, also available to inform the temporary recording.

Choose desktop gooseneck microphone radio receiver, easy to operate, the built-in clock generator, ringing the bell before speaking be made, to remind the audience attention, mainly used for broadcasting notice.

Many large shopping malls, supermarkets as the single building, specification requirements in accordance with China's fire control system and its inner region must be set up multiple fire shutter, in the design of shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcast system, must also comply with the relevant provisions of the radio partition according to internal fire area.

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